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If you want to get information about Placencia Village, its beaches, the locals and the relaxed life that you spend here, I suggest you read as narrated below.

You will find lots of interesting information…


Placencia in Belize, a location that represent the typical Caribbean landscape that we all dream during the cold and gray winter days, while we’re at work, in city traffic or on public transport crowded with passengers.

Now you can daydreaming or possibly plan the next trip to this tropical village of Central America.


Crystal clear sea, white beaches, palm trees …


Placencia, located in the district of Stann Creek (Belize, Central America), is a village of about 800 inhabitants located at the end of a long and narrow peninsula.

Its length is about 20 km and the widest point does not exceed 500 meters.

This is my reference ideal as a small corner of paradise in the Caribbean.


Placencia main Street

A road runs along the entire length coming to the most southern point where there is Placencia Village.

The road up to 2010 was still an unpaved road (except at the villages) with pothole swhich forced a slow proceed, dusty in the dry season and full of puddles during the rainy season.

This is all a memory. The road now is paved for the entire journey.

Now we will proceed more quickly and safely but unfortunately, according to my humble opinion, has lost that feature “adventurous” and typically Caribbean along a dirt road to reach the destination.

Although located on the mainland, Placencia has an atmosphere of coral island with white sandy beaches decorated with palm trees.

Its hotels and houses for rent are usually reasonably priced when compared with those of the most famous Cayes.

The first settlers to establish themselves in Placencia were English Puritans who came here in the seventeenth century.


Map of the final part of the peninsula with Placencia Village

This was also an area where pirates and buccaneers who landed on this coast finding passages in the reef, stopping on the coast of the peninsula to rest, make repairs to their vessels, for supplies of food and as a reference point for their raids in the Caribbean Sea.

By the time the buccaneers turned into farmers and woodsmen.

Only in the nineteenth century the population of the village increased and became a famous fishing center.

In 1970 electricity arrived in the village.

How to get to Placencia

To Placencia, as well as by road, we can get there by boat or by air.


By air


The flights, conducted by Tropic Air and Maya Island Air, the two Belize local companies, are carried with aircraft on the capacity of 10-13 people that connect with other locations in Belize. During the day there are flights at intervals of about 40 minutes. The distance in time of flight between Placencia and to Belize City is about 45 minutes.

Hokey Pokey Water Taxi from Placencia to Independence Belize

By water


With the motor launches instead we have links with Independence-Mango Creek village located on the other side of the lagoon where we find connections with the bus, to south for Punta Gorda and north, towards Belize City.

The boats also carry out weekly connections to Puerto Barrios in Guatemala and Puerto Cortes in Honduras.


By land


Buses connect it to Belize City and Punta Gorda stopping along the way in various villages who meet on the path.




Timetables Link List

Remember that schedules are subject to change. Always check before booking or plan your trip

The Village and the Festival


Placencia Art Festival

In Placencia there are two important Festival, Art Festival and Lobster Festival.

The Art Festival is usually held during a weekend in February with the exhibition, along the pedestrian street, the works performed by local artists



Poster of a previous edition of the Lobster festival


The Lobster Festival, which takes place over a long weekend in June, that opens the lobster season fishing.



From Placencia you can take part at excursions even daily, to the cayo reef as Silk Caye and Laughing Bird Caye National Park, or tours to Monkey River to get a close mangrove forests and the variety of birds, monkey and other animals that hides in its branches.

There are also excursions with sailing boats or catamarans and dive centers to visit the reef where, if you are lucky, you can close encounters with turtles, manta rays, dolphins and much more…


Kayak tours, much appreciated for exploring the lagoon …

Link for divers

…if you’re lucky on the barrier reef you shall see …







manta ray1

Manta ray


Nurse Shark

The sidewalk


Placencia Sidewalk

 One last tip of Placencia.

Do not miss a walk along the sidewalk, the World’s narrowest street, the narrow pedestrian street that runs along the whole village

From here you can see the unfolding of life sometimes sleepy, sometimes a little more frenetic of this wonderful “piece of paradise”.

…almost forgot…

Usually, in the Caribbean and other places that are not in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and a few others, have taught us that in order to avoid intestinal problems should not drink the tap water.

Well, in Placencia and also in Independence, Mango Creek, Big Creek and Seine Bight Villages, the villages scattered along the peninsula and on the other side of the lagoon (in other Belize villages I have not checked), you can safely drink the tap water.

The tap water and ice in Placencia is safe to drink as it comes from an artesian well with modern PVC piping system.

I always drank this water and I’ve never had any problems. Alternatively, if really does not you trust, there’s always the mineral water and optionally a good local beer, Belikin I recommend it.


In Placencia the tap water is safe to drink…


Some pictures about Placencia Village

Placencia beach placencia Bay placencia sidewalk 4

placencia placencia1 Tourism-Officer-Placencia Cabanas-placencia-Belize


Placencia Sidewalk

cayo caulker relax

Relax with a good local beer …

belize sunset

The sunset after a great day in Placencia…

Have fun and enjoy your stay in Placencia


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